What We Do

Four Solutions Holdings LTD is a marketing services company that proposes to apply creative and interesting ways in planning and managing your corporate activities

Pre Event Activities

Event Types
•Proposed Corporate Activities list


•We conceptualize and design your projects to guide us through the planning processes of a seamless activity
•We shall come up with ideas, plans and support materials to steer the team that shall be assigned roles on your projects
•These shall be shared with client during progress meetings


Team Bonding Activities
•Our team building department have explored ways of fostering better working relationships between colleagues
•To address the challenges they go through during their work we shall come up with activities touching on the challenges to help staff members understand how to tackle them
•These could be out door or in door activities depending on the weather pattern

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
•We shall help you identify areas or groups that greatly require assistance and communicate what they are deeply pressed on
•These will not necessarily have to be people. They could be environmental and would benefit the community around where the activities are carried out

Award Ceremonies & Galla Dinner
•From our vast experience, We shall plan award ceremonies as per your theme
•Identify a Master of Ceremony who suits your occasion to liven the event
•We shall help identify venues that will bring out a good event
•Work on décor and ambiance lighting to totally turn around your evening into a classy outfit
•We shall manage the hotel to ensure meals and refreshment are adequate and served on time
•The entertainment part from the beginning to the end is our specialty

Production & Branding of Kits
•To give quality at an affordable cost we have a stitching line that produces and brands the following:
1.Heavy duty overalls
2.Dust coats
3.Reflector jackets
4.Polo – shirts
6.Bucket hats

•For out of town activities that require travel by road, we shall provide well maintained vehicles and personnel
•We have a range of vehicle to suit you travel requirement be it on or off road

Event Coverage
•Comprising of a team who have a media background, we will take photos and videos of your event using up to date state of the art equipment. Professional editing is applied to leave you with a desired final product as per your request
•We come up with memorable video profiles and photo books that you could use to sell your agenda to your clients or share with relevant parties
•We thrive on capturing the powerful moments during your events

•We have a good work relationship with a number of hotels and lodges within and out of Nairobi
•Using our network we shall negotiate rates for you teams if they seek accommodation at a facility in and out of Nairobi

•We shall fabricate booths and brand within the venue for you during exhibitions
•Procure all elements that you will require for the success of the activity
•Maintain your booth for the duration and have our trained team engage potential customers/ consumers on your Brand



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